New e-book out today - Beyond Smith: Contributions to the continuing process of Scottish devolution

Published immediately before the report of the Smith Commission, this book is intended as a contribution to the wider public discussion which, its authors believe, will and should follow the Lord Smith’s recommendations.

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Smith Contributions

The Smith commission’s report is due for publication on Thursday morning. Read blogs taken from our Smith contributions e-book.

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“Flaw” in Barnett formula protects Scotland and Northern Ireland from hundreds of millions of cuts

A new report published today by the IFS looks at how the Barnett formula interacts with business rates and the lessons that can be learned for further tax devolution.

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Scottish Fiscal and Economic Studies (ScotFES) - Submissions to Smith Commission

Two submissions from our team looking at the economic consequences of constitutional change.

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  • 28th November 2014

    As more powers are devolved as a result of the Smith process and the political focus rests, increasingly, on Holyrood, what happens to Scots' relationship with the UK? Conversely, how do Westminster and Whitehall relate to the devolved institutions in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast? Stephen Tierney, Professor of Constitutional Theory at Edinburgh and Fellow of the Centre on Constitutional Change, believes that federalism may be the last, best solution.

  • 27th November 2014

    The proposed changes in tax and welfare arrangements envisioned in the Smith Commission's report will increase the accountability of the Scottish Parliament, say David Bell and David Eiser. However, the lack of room for manoeuvre in terms of redistribution clearly won't meet the aspirations of those who hoped the commission would focus on social justice.

  • 27th November 2014

    The implications of the Smith Commission's report for the rest of the UK were highlighted both by the Prime Minister and leaders of English local government within a few hours of its publication. Professor Richard Wyn Jones, Director of the Wales Governance Centre, suggests that Smith may well have serious implications on the other side of the Tweed - and the Severn.

  • 27th November 2014

    The devolution of welfare provision has featured large in the public debate leading up to the publication of the Smith Commission's report. Many in civic Scotland had pushed for a significant form of welfare devolution. They are likely to be disappointed says Professor Nicola McEwen, Associate Director of the ESRC Centre on Constitutional Change.

  • 27th November 2014

    Is the Smith Report devo-max? Not according to Professor Michael Keating, director of the ESRC Centre on Constitutional Change, who says that the proposals are neither devo-max nor the 'near federalism' suggested by Gordon Brown.

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